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Silk dyes

Features For temporary dyeing of twisted yarns:
Special dyes manufactured for coloring by the following dyeing method and decolored in refining processes
Coloring method Coloring by impregnation, spray or brush application, etc., dissolved in water or warm water
Decoloring method Decolorization in general refining processes.
Generally-used chemicals
(non-ionic surface-active agents, hydrosulfite)
Products Red R, Blue GB, Scarlett GR, Yellow 2G, Orange D, Violet BB
Packing style 1kg pack per product, unit load 10kg (cash on delivery if less than 10kg)

Plating materials

Maeda Chemicals’ plating chemicals have a history of more than 50 years, and even today, we, with our abundance of chemicals, are ready to meet user needs.
The following are just a part of our flagship products.

Chrome plating additives
Electrolytic cleaning agents
Activating agents
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