Our business

Sales of chemical industrial products

Advancement into every field
Mainly engaged in sales of inorganic chemicals, as well as organic chemicals, surface-active agents, silicones, plating chemicals, etc.
Advancement into the field of electronic materials
Recently, sales of high-purity products are on the rise.

Sales of products related to civil engineering and construction materials

For road repairing work
Chemicals for asphalt, reclaimed asphalt additives, etc.
Soil improvement material
Additives, water cut-off chemical grouts, dispersants, admixtures, etc.
For building construction material
Water reducing agents for gypsum boards, foaming agents, etc.

Sales of food-related products

Advancement to proposal-based sales
We not only offer new information and products, but also propose the development of new products and new areas of trade, etc., in tie-ups with our suppliers.
Providing “safe and secure” and “abundant” food is essential not only to our lives but to the future development and continuity of business. Therefore, we propose business initiatives with an eye on the future.

Trade business

Imports and exports
Imported from
Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, etc.
Fatty acids, inorganic chemicals (organic acids), etc.
Exported to
Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, China, etc.
Admixtures for cement and concrete, plating additives, etc.

Sales of environment-related products

Sale of chemical agents, such as soil improvers
Sales of various filtration equipment
Taking-over of aged plating solutions and waste solvents

Logistics business

The Kisshoin Office in Kyoto is used as our logistics base.

Inventory of products
General industrial chemicals, surface-active agents, food additives, etc.
Hazardous materials and poisonous and deleterious substances can be handled because respective warehouses and storages are established in parallel.
Delivery by our own truck mainly in the Kyoto and Shiga areas.
Nationwide shipping by route transportation.
Kisshoin Office
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