Product lines

Plating materials

Chemical agents

  • Inorganic chemicals (chromic acid anhydride, chromium sulfate, sodium hypophosphite, effluent treatment chemicals, etc.)
  • Copper compounds (copper (II) chloride, copper sulfate, copper oxide for platings, phosphorus-containing copper balls, etc.)
  • Nickel compounds (nickel chloride, nickel sulfate, nickel carbonate, etc.)
  • Cobalt compounds (cobalt chloride, cobalt sulfate, cobalt acetate, etc.)
  • Tin compounds (stannous chloride, stannous sulfate, stannous pyrophosphate, etc.)

Abrasive materials

  • Grinding wheels (PVA, resinoid)
  • Buff cloths


  • Ion-exchange column clear mate (cation column, anion column, mix column)

In-house products - Plating materials

Maeda Chemicals’ plating chemicals have a history of more than 50 years, and even today, we, with our abundance of chemicals, are ready to meet user needs.
The following are just a part of our flagship products.

Chrome plating additives
Electrolytic cleaning agents
Activating agents
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