Environmental initiatives

Environmental policy

Basic philosophy

Environmental issues, the effects of which extend on a global scale, are serious problems that will stretch to the next generation and beyond. Maeda Chemicals pledges to do its best in its efforts to contribute to preserving the global environment through every activity we pursue, as far as our influence may reach, being aware of our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen and positioning initiatives with respect for environmental issues as one of our important tasks.

Corporate action policies

1. Environmental consciousness in products trading activities

In products trading activities, we promote activities with consideration given to the preservation of the global environment and a reduction of environmental footprints, wherever possible, obtaining understanding and cooperation from relevant business partners. Specifically,

  1. ① with regard to poisonous and deleterious substances, and hazardous materials, etc., we conduct activities with consideration given to the prevention of environmental pollution; and
  2. ② we also take a proactive approach to environment-related activities.
2. Promotion of resource and energy conservation

We strive for resource and energy conservation, waste reduction, and other initiatives in offices in particular.

3. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations, etc.

We comply with national and municipal environmental laws and regulations as well as other agreements we have reached for promotion of business activities.

4. Enhancement and continual improvement of our environmental management system

We strive for continual improvement of our environmental management system to realize this environmental policy and improve our environmental performance.


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