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Tsunetoshi Ohashi, President
Momoko Maeda, President

Our roots go back to importing and selling dyes and industrial chemicals from Germany to the textile industry in Kyoto just before the dawn of Japan’s chemical industry in 1906. Since that time, as we transitioned our core product lines to chemical industrial products, our customer base has expanded across the textile, metal, construction materials, pharmaceutical, electronic materials, food, ceramic, and other related industries, and our sales bases have also grown and are now located in Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. We have also moved forward in the age of globalization and are actively engaged in trade transactions.

Based on our long-established experience, we offer prompt proposals that reflect and incorporate accurate information, products, and technology and ensure that deep trusting relationships are maintained and held in high esteem with all of our customers and suppliers , and offer enhanced added value through our own discovery of needs, no matter how the world changes.

Additionally, with respect to environmental issues, we maintain and continuously improve our already-accredited ISO14001, and fulfill our social responsibilities through environmental preservation initiatives with full awareness of the environmental role played by chemistry. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

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