1906 Founded in Kyoto by Narasaburo Maeda who was engaged in imports and sales at a German trading house in Kobe.
Started the import and sale of industrial chemicals, dyes, and intermediates just before the dawn of Japan’s chemical industry.
1915 Became an agent of sodium silicate at the same time as the foundation of Nippon Seiren Co., Ltd. (currently Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.).
1917 Opened the Osaka Satellite Office.
1927 Opened the Nagoya Satellite Office.
1934 Established a company named K.K.Maeda Narasaburo Shoten
1947 Changed the company’s name to Maeda Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
1950 Reopened the Osaka Branch.
1952 Increased capital to 6 million yen.
Reopened the Nagoya Branch.
1960 Opened the Tokyo Branch.
1964 Increased capital to 15 million yen.
1971 Changed the company’s name to Maeda Chemicals Co., Ltd.
1976 Increased capital to 30 million yen.
1990 Increased capital to 60 million yen.
Completed the Head Office building.
2002 Environmental management system
ISO 14001 assessment and registration
2006 Marked the 100th anniversary of the foundation.
2018 Established Maedachemicals Philippine Holding Inc., a local company in the Philippines.
2019 Established Maeda and Leonardo Trading Co. Inc. (MLT) through a joint investment with a local representative in the Philippines.
Office building at the time of the foundation
Office building at the time of the foundation
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